Top 7 Best Pet Cameras To Buy in 2018

best pet camerasEveryone loves their Dogs but cannot take them everywhere with them.

Instead, they can interact with pets through voice and video using modern pet cameras feed and control them until they are back at their home.

Well, it’s legally not allowed to left dog at home, but if by chance this happens then having the best pet camera can make sure your precious pet is alright and doing nothing crazy in your absence.

That said, we have crafted this list of top wifi dog surveillance monitors to help you pick the best one. There are different types of animal cameras available in the market but choosing the ideal one is challenging.

In this post, you can find best pet camera for the money. Sorting out several kinds of expensive and inexpensive models we have selected only top best budget and affordable cams for puppy monitoring at home.

Without further ado jump right into these reviews and pick the best webcam for your doggy.

Best Pet Cameras 2018

Pawbo Life
Petcube Play
Mood EZCam
YI Dome Camera
Petcube Bites
Feed and Go
PetChatz HD

1. Best Overall: Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Either you have a cat, dog or other four-legged friends, when you leave your pet home alone Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera can take care of your animals efficiently as it streams video, supports audio, dispenses treats, plays laser tag and even controls various Pawbo accessories. Having an awesome set of features and functionality Pawbo Life is the best product on the market with a reasonable price tag.

From a wide variety of pet cameras available Pawbo is our top pick because the amazing feature of this cameras gives the ability let you watch real-time 720-pixel HD video straight from your phone, zooming in as much as 4x. Another cool feature is you can record videos and take pictures which will be stored on your phone. If your pets are prone to mischief then the wonderful two-way talk feature will calm your lonely pet and even plays a ringtone to draw your dog or cat’s attention.

Not an expensive device but compared with most high-tech cameras boasting cool features like treat dispensers and calming scent release this one offers similar features in much less price. The fun part is it includes a built-in laser which you can control the camera’s app or put it on automatic to keep your pets entertained. Similarly, the treat dispenser mostly seen in popular pet cameras allows you to throw treats to pets in certain time intervals allowing you to reward or comfort your animals when you’re not home.

Having this fun gadget in your household won’t let the pet get lonely and sad when you’re gone and will keep tabs on your furry companion and allowing video chat with your animals will calm them in your absence at home.

Other than that, you are allowed up to eight users to control the camera at the same time allowing the whole family to keep eyes on your furry friends over the day.

If you are really serious about which pet camera to choose for your fur babies, Pawbo Life is the ultimate solution offering impressive features and decent price and recommended by our editors.


2. Best Overall: Petcube Play Interactive

The petcube play is a modern and sleek cam with diverse functionality and these several great features make it one of the most popular pet camera. Comes in a beautiful brushed aluminium design with curved corners along with nice features like two-way audio, real-time interaction built-in laser and camera capable of 1080p video experience making Petcube best overall pet camera.

It doesn’t require a tech-savvy to set this up, just plug in the camera and once it’s connected to your Wi-Fi its ready to go. Features a wide-angle camera which captures 1080-pixel video even at night and covering a larger area of the room. For more close look you can 3x zoom the camera for clear view of what your pet is doing.

You can interact with the pet by built-in laser light through Android and an iPhone-ready smartphone app(Apple Watch), just swipe your finger across the screen on the app and the laser toy can keep your pets occupied for hours while you’re stuck at work.

You can have a real-time view of your four-legged animal’s activity or you can record video using cloud-based service subscription for rewinding and playback of either 10 or 30 days of video history. Furthermore, it allows instant sharing of pictures and video clips on social networks

Moreover, the two-way communication is done on a Petcube network which is encrypted and secured through 128-bit encryption and other security protocols allowing you to secretly talk to your pets.

Overall, this is the best, attractive and functional pet camera but it only lacks treat dispenser but if you can ignore this single features all other features like cloud storage, two-way audio, full HD video recording are worth for the money by the most popular brand known for making best-selling pet cameras.


3. Petzi Treat cam

Pet parents are always worried when leaving pets at home so a pet camera which allows you to talk to your pets and even give them a treat can be the right product. That said, Petzi is the amazing and moderately priced camera supports real-time video streaming and can be used to take pictures as well.

Petzi is designed to be mounted on the wall offering a good view of your mischievous pet. It includes multiple mounting options for secure placement on a floor or on a wall depending on the size of your pet.

Comes with a 720p wide-angle camera with night vision but doesn’t gives full High Definition result. The quality is more than good enough to get a view of what your pet should or should not be doing. Loaded up with several small treats to be dispensed, letting you give your fur babies a midday snack with the touch of an app either you have multiple pets or just lone king or queen at the house. Make sure you insert right size treats in the device or the snacks may get stuck.

You can interact with your pet through live video and talk to your pet through one-way audio, as the audio system is limited to one-way communication you won’t be able to hear your pet respond to the sound of your voice.

capture all the candid videos that you want to share with friends and family or on your favorite social networks via the downloadable smartphone app. Doesn’t have a recording option but you can see, speak, snap or give a treat with a single push of a button.

If you are looking for a pet camera which allows you to see real-time video of your pet and talk with him then Petzi treat cam is a solid investment for pet owners offering amazing features and is best for monitoring mischievous pets.


4. Best Budget: Mood EZCam

The Mood EZCam is the perfect inexpensive and the cheapest camera on our list or no-frills security camera to monitor your pet. This product’s best features include 24/7 live video, including motion detection alerts to stay alert of your pet’s activities.

EZCam features a 720-pixel real-time video and only records clips when detects motion alerts. After that, the footage is stored on the Zmodo Cloud for about 36 hours for free and you have the option to purchase an additional subscription if you want continuous recording. Furthermore, the infrared night vision allows seeing up to 26 feet at night.

Along with these awesome video capabilities, this pup camera offers a two-way audio allowing you to call your pet over or hear them barking. In this smaller budget you cannot expect these ideal features but still, the speaker is designed to filter out the background noise for clear communication with your animals.

Overall, this pet camera is much cheaper solution compared with other high-priced cameras offering similar features to keep an eye on your pet.


5. Best for 360-Degree Monitoring: YI Dome Camera

There is a large number of cameras having wide-angle lenses but YI Dome gives 360-degree views. The beauty of this wide-angle lens is that it allows having a complete view of the whole room to leaving no space for naughty pets to hide.

Includes a 720-pixel video camera which can record even at night and the recorded footage can be stored on the Micro SD Card which is sold separately. You also have to option to use the app to set up “favorite” positions and return back easily with just a tap of a button, making it easy to check other different parts of the room.

Activity alerts allow the camera to capture 10-seconds clips of the event. Features two-way audio capabilities allowing your to scold or praise your pets regardless of where you are.

Overall, YI Dome is the perfect choice for the money and ideal recommendation if you want to keep an eye on your whole home.


6. Best Splurge: Petcube Bites Pet Camera

Petcube bites come with all the best features pet cameras should have. This high-definition dog camera allows you to record video and do live on the same hand, two-way audio and a treat tosser.

Features a 138-degree wide-angle camera which records 1080-pixel video. Using the app you can see live video feed and to record footage 24/7 you can get the subscription. The camera works nicely at night allowing you to check on your sleeping critters without disturbing them.

Rather than dispensing the treat, it flings them. It has a capacity to hold up to 100 small, round treats and will keep tossing the treats upon your commands up in the air to six feet. Best device for lazy animals and you have the option to give access to family members to access the camera so they can play with the pets too.


Overall, Petcube bites come with the handful of features including sound-detection alerts, two-way audio and so on to check in on your pets in a flexible budget price.


7. Best Pet Feeder: Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder

Compared with most stand-alone pet cameras, this camera is basically merged into a feeding dish. You don’t need to worry about your animals while you are away because you can take help from its web cam to know that the fur babies are eating and behaving.

Comes with a built-in webcam and built-in microphone features six total compartments to store eight ounces of treats of food. This space is enough to keep the pet satisfied. Wet food is not good to keep for more than 24 hours of storage. While dry food can be kept for the longer time span.

Using the app you can lock feeding schedules which can be used in Android and iOS and the compartment will automatically rotate to feed your pet. With the help of the webcam right above the dish you can see the pet. You also get text messages alerts for your pets, the resolution of this camera is quite low and works great in the daytime.

This feeder-slash-camera is the nice option in case your are going out for the longer period of time and want to check back to your pet whether he’s eating or not. But for recording videos and talk to your pet its not suitable.

Overall, this is “smart pet feeder for wet and dry food,” which works perfect on the WiFi connection and hook up and sync to your pets in just 60 seconds and takes the fair amount of space on the floor.


8. Best Two-Way Video: PetChatz HD Pet Camera

The best example of “greet and treat” is none other than PetChatz HD, this HD pet camera with 720p resolution offers two-way video and audio experience allowing both pets and parents to see and hear each other, regardless of how far you are.

This pet camera can be easily mounted on the walls without the requirement of wires ensuring complete safety for animals. Using your phone or web browser you can initiate the video call to have a look at your pet’s face and for grabbing their attention you can dispense a treat. Among the most standard features, the best one is recording and sharing the pet activity on social media.

Moreover, this pet camera releases a calming scent to deal with anxious or upset pet. The pet-safe design is ideal (your pet won’t be tempted or able to chew through the corners or edges since the unit is securely attached to the wall via an included mounting kit).

You can also purchase the “Powell” which allows your pet to call you with the single press (or paw) of a button.

Overall, this is another fantastic device for dealing with scared pets and monitoring them from the far distance while you are busy with your things.


Featured Pet Camera Reviews

Before buying a camera make sure the camera gives 1080p video experience, two-way audio, night vision to be in real-time interaction with your dog or cat and an app for controlling, monitoring and instant sharing or pictures and video clips to friends and family or social networks what you have recorded.

See these top-rated pet cameras list and choose your favorite for your ideal dog.

Best Overall: Petcube Play Interactive
Runner-Up, Best Overall: Petzi
Best Features: Feed and Go
Best Budget: Vimtag VT-361 Super HD WiFi
Best Design: Furbo
Best Splurge: PetChatz HD
Best Indoor/Outdoor: Netgear Arlo
Best Motion Sensor: Blink

Having a dog camera with these wonderful features will allow you to secretly talk to your pet, furthermore, the device should have a 128-bit encryption or 256-AES encryption to encrypt the network to make it more secure.

So having an amazing and wonderful camera with awesome features can look after for your pets while you are out in town or busy in the office.